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Live Healthy and Eat Well

Nutrition is not the only element to a healthy lifestyle, although they say it makes up roughly 80% of the task. Eating the right foods entails getting the enough of the crucial nutrients your body requires to energise itself.

Another aspect of living a healthy lifestyle is all about movement. Combining exercise with a proper diet places your body in an awesome stasis. And now when you take out the negative elements that bring harm to your immune system, this is when you start to become superhuman.

Does it appear like you’ve tried everything in your control to manage your health, and yet, despite your best intentions, you’re still tormented by: 

  • Not knowing about the correct nutrition
  • Not understanding even where to begin with a strategy
  • Not knowing about topics like detoxing

Live a healthy lifestyle

What are the options for living a healthy lifestyle? 

This can depend on the individual, and there are certainly different approaches to this. For some, it means only eating certain types of food and following a strict diet plan, for others it would mean getting in a lot of physical exercise, while it is living a stress-free lifestyle for some people.

These all have their great attributes and are really advantageous to follow, however, none of them will create the perfect lifestyle scenario on their own. Ideally what you want is to combine all three positive aspects of each so they compliment each other to create that wonderful healthy lifestyle you desire.

But how do we achieve this harmonious balance? 

Most people get too overwhelmed if they try doing it all at once. They feel defeated and eventually abandon any real attempts for the pursuit of happiness. Or at least for that optimal healthy lifestyle. This journey may entail some significant modifications, so a great way to start would be to slowly bring incremental changes in. 

Making simple adjustments without too many drastic eliminations will help to encourage you for further changes in the future.

Pick one for the first week or two, then add another each week:

  • adding more greens to your diet
  • use brown rice and whole-wheat over white products
  • cut down on unhealthy processed snacks
  • don’t have bad snacks in the house
  • have a day each week of no meat products
  • add more grains and nuts to your diet
  • use the stairs instead of escalators

Exercise your way to better wellbeing

Exercising has always been promoted as an ideal way to stay healthy, next to healthy food choices. But for whatever reason, a lot of people do not seem to consider it as an important part of their lifestyle. With an increased sedentary life, this can be destructive coupled with poor eating habits.

In your endeavour to stay healthy through a regular exercise schedule, it’s important to understand just how beneficial exercising can be. These are some ways exercise will serve your body:

  • it can help keep the body’s weight under control
  • assist in helping the body to function in good working order
  • better movement of oxygen and blood flow through the body
  • increased mental clarity and good mood booster

Detox your waste away

Your body has its own way of detoxifying itself naturally, getting rid of any unwanted substances. However, this has been made difficult with a lot of lifestyles currently in place, making the detox exercise inefficient. So it may have advantages to find other ways to assist the body through a detox session. 

Detox was originally meant to eradicate the body of toxins like drugs and alcohol. Now there are detox programs to try and help to recreate a healthier condition for your immune system. 

Using certain diets, herbs and other specific methods to detox are designed to remove any environmental or dietary toxins from your body. The ideas behind these detox programs are to minimise the amount of harmful chemicals ingested into the body.

  • eating only organic foods
  • foods high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • high in fibre and water to flush out toxins

Detoxing from an unhealthy diet may take a couple of weeks to see overall results. 

  • clearer skin conditions
  • increased energy
  • regular bowel movements
  • better digestion
  • increased concentration
  • positive mental clarity

Health is wealth

In today’s society the body needs all the help it can get from the stressors we put on to it. With so many cheap unhealthy options out there, we have to be mindful of the effects these food have on our body. 

Take a conscious effort to get the right sources of macronutrients and micronutrients for your body. Start including them into your dietary plan today, your body will thank you for it.

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Lipids (fats)
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water

Don’t let anything hold you back from your success with your life and getting your health under control.

What does your body crave, how can you help it get sufficient nutrients that will propel you with all the energy you require.

It’s time to get moving in your quest to get healthy!

Do you move enough? How are you moving for a better life?

By Johan

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