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By now we are all deep into lockdown from the current pandemic in the world. However, this is not the first time parts of the world have closed public places to prevent the spread of a disease. It is also not the only time in our history where humans have had to endure a killer pandemic. I would also surmise that it won’t be our last.

The most important question that we face is – Can we, and will we learn from the past pandemics?

First up, what is the name of this current pandemic we are facing?

The Disease: coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Virus: severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)

I won’t go into the finer details of why there are two names. If you are interested, check out the World Health Organization Website. For short we have the virus (SARS-CoV-2) and the disease it causes (COVID-19).

What we do know so far

New developments are still being made about the virus and things can change from time to time. The information below is for general purposes only. One should always seek professional medical advice if they are concerned.

Following the recommended information might not prevent you from getting the coronavirus. Though it is likely to mitigate the effects and give you a higher chance of fighting off the disease..

Testing for the virus is mainly done on people showing severe signs of symptoms, the true spread is unknown. There is a possibility of a large number of asymptomatic people out there.

For a resource on confirmed global cases visit John Hopkins University COVID-19 map.

How long it stays on surfaces

Steel3 – 5 Days
Cardboard1 – 5 Days
Plastic1 – 5 Days
Copper4 Hours
In the Air3 Hours

What can effect these time-frames

  • Cool Temperature – lingers longer in cooler climates
  • Amount on surface – larger amounts take longer to break down
  • High temperature – may reduce transmission with 40% – 60% humidity

What can break it down

  • Soap foam and water break apart fats/oils and makes things slippery
  • Hand sanitiser is okay, though soap and water is better
  • Maximise the airflow – it breaks up viral droplets, enabling major reductions in transmission risk
  • As copper can break it down quicker, you can utilise copper tape on surfaces

Any masks can be effective

  • Keffiyeh
  • Ski mask
  • Buff
  • Scarves
  • Jumper
  • Make your own
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What we can do for ourselves

Future outlook and concerns

Catching SARS-CoV-2 is not the only concern during this global pandemic. We also have to consider the hardships that come with an ‘Economic Slowdown’ and the emotions that follow ‘Isolation’. Both occurrences can lead to anxiety and depression in some people. Check-in with people and lend a helping ear wherever you can.

The situation has put some pressure on food supplies. From panic buying and stocking up to the logistics of getting supplies to the shops. A long term focus on a lack of labour for planting and harvesting.

There have been reports of bird flu and swine flu wiping out local livestock. And in some cases locusts destroying crops.

What can we do about it? If you have the opportunity, you can grow some of your own food.

Taking it all in

Isolation and Social Distancing is not what we want to be doing, it’s detrimental for our mental wellbeing. What we really need is Connection and Physical Distancing, this doesn’t mean we all get out and spread the virus. It’s staying connected through video chatting, and when we are outside, respect personal spaces.

With no way of knowing when restrictions will ease, or when lockdown will end, we have to ride it out and do whatever we can to stay safe. Use this time to reflect or to motivate yourself into starting a project.

How are you reflecting on the life ahead during this global crisis?

By Johan

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  1. You did a great job Johan! I believe that this is the information that can’t be find on the web easily and you decided to share it with others for free, that’s really great!
    I’ve been always interested to know more about avoiding corona virus and your in-deep post helped me a lot. I don’t know if you wrote this post 100% by yourself or got help from other sources as well, anyway, it has really brilliant information which convinced me to share it with my friends on social networks.
    I think, the Internet needs more quality posts like yours these days, especially when we see a lot of crappy ads and scams about this topic. You can’t read a post easily on a website without seeing tons popups but your site and post is an ideal example of a quality article which is not covered by annoying ads, has very useful information and lets readers enjoy reading every piece of it.

    Thank you again and I wish you continue providing such that quality information in the future which turn the Internet and blogs into a better place to surf!


    1. Thank you Ali, I’m glad you got a lot of use out of my article.

      I have gathered information from several sources, including a Health Hacking Summit. This was from some of the top biohacking members in the community who wanted to share the right information.

      Keep coming back as I will be continuing to write relevant posts for quite some time.

  2. I hope you, your family, and friends stay safe by taking the proper precautions as we enter in to confusing and troubling times as we watch a worldwide pandemic unfold with this Corona-virus.

    Could there be something more deeper going on with all of this? Could we be seeing the signs of the times unfolding? Could this be a door of opportunity for people to open their hearts to humanity?

    1. Thank you for your concern and wishes, it is indeed troubling times that the whole world is facing. Economic uncertainty has followed this pandemic situation. We all need to take care and stay safe during this unsettling experience.

  3. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the great standard of information you supply to your guests. I’ll be frequently returning to check out new posts.

    1. Hello Angelina, I was pleased that you enjoyed reading through the pages and hopefully continue to like any upcoming articles that you read.

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