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Feeling bored and all alone, looking to take back control of your life whilst in isolation? As the term “social distancing” is being encouraged at the moment – you can still take the opportunity to practice some Biohacking Techniques.

Simple lifestyle hack’s that you can put into place that will revolutionise the way you live. These hacks will increase your efficiency and productivity in all areas of your life, as well as boost your immune system to combat COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Even just simple small steps can make all the difference, and by building upon each action will make you feel like you’re achieving something useful. But how do you even start? How do you take that first step…. and what is that step?

Biohacking Mindfulness

One great biohack to look at is increasing your mindfulness – as the spread of coronavirus increases – so does the fear, panic and anxiety. A great way to reduce stresses is through mindfulness techniques like meditation.

Meditation is a way to hack the brain, to trigger neuroplasticity, forming new neural connections to allow the brain to re-structure itself. This can have the brain compensate for injury and disease, to adjust to new situations and changes in the environment.

Portrait of a fit young sportsgirl meditating while sitting in a yoga position isolated over gray background

Some of the benefits of meditation :

  • It reduces stress
  • Ability to control anxiety
  • Will improve your sleep
  • Can help fight addictions
  • Helps to manage pain
  • Promotes emotional health
  • Enhances self awareness
  • Lengthens attention span

The good news is that not only can anyone learn to meditate, they can track their process as well. There are a host of devices and apps out there that will help track your meditation journey. Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that uses real-time displays of your brain activity.

Biohacking Nutrition

Proper nutrition is another biohack to boost the immune system for optimal health, but how do you know what’s right for your body. Having a blood test to assess your overall health and well being can determine any nutritional deficiencies within the body. This snapshot of your inner wellness will give you a more accurate sense of what vitamins you may be lacking from your regular diet.

Getting a blood test for nutrition is a great way for preventative health, you can observe what’s happening within your body and potential catch any health problems before they get out of control. You can track your results and trends over time improving on your overall health with increased energy with the right foods and supplements for your body.

Doctor and patient going over optimal nutritional health results

Things blood test can check for:

  • Gluten
  • Minerals
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • Blood sugar

It is even easier to track your process with nutritional apps that calculate the macro-nutrients within each food, allowing you to monitor your calorie intake with ease.

Biohacking Movement

The next biohack I’ll will mention is body movement, exercise and stretching are the pillars of healthy living. Both movements will improve your body’s circulation allowing the immune system to its job more efficiently.

It may seem daunting to start exercising, especially if you are feeling sore to begin with. But with the proper techniques or guidance, the body will become used to the movement. Your bodies aches and pains will reduce over time.

Biohacking movement shot of healthy athletic man climbing up on stairs.

Benefits of regular movement:

  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps control weight
  • Protects against disease
  • Increases strength
  • Improves flexibility

If you are uncertain about which type of exercise is for you, or how to go about it, there are many avenues to go down. You can view workouts online, join a gym or get a buddy for a guide. Tracking your fitness is also easy as numerous devices on the market monitor your performance throughout your workouts.

Cautions for the biohacker

Biohacking won’t stop COVID-19 from invading your body, however, by strengthening your immune system you’ll have a better chance of resistance against the virus. Your body will have a bigger arsenal to combat the infection, leading to fewer and less severe symptoms.

Everyone can benefit from a little biohacking, be proactive and be sensible, if you are sick and using biohacking techniques to try to fight off an infection, be mindful of which techniques to utilise or not to use.

It might be wise to stay away from cold therapy for a time – cold exposure is an added stressor on the body forcing the immune system to divide its capacity and fight a war on two fronts.

Now be mindful of the current situation, don’t overload medical centres if they are struggling. Also remember that physically going to the gym is not an option right now, however some places are offering live online workouts.

Living for the future

With some Businesses changing the way they operate and people changing the way they live, we need to adapt to our new environment, to progress or be left behind. These biohacks I’ve mentioned can see vast improvements with your health in a short amount of time.

Even though improvements can be made quickly, these techniques should be viewed for the long term. Putting these techniques into practice will help in your overall health and recovery process. Think of biohacking as a new and improved lifestyle, a way for a better body and improved mind, your new optimal living.

Can we manage the spread of Covid-19 through isolation and a healthy lifestyle?

What biohacking techniques do use to help boost your immune system?

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