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The digital revolution has transformed the world that we live in and today, technology has become an established norm in our daily lives. Now, biohacking looks to be the newest revolutionary concept that is gaining huge popularity. This article will provide you with the basic facts you should know about this latest trend.

1. What is biohacking?

Biohacking is a self-improvement method that goes beyond the regular lifestyle changes.

Its goal is to improve physical and mental wellbeing by changing the internal body functions and the external environment together. You could call it a natural method of “human optimisation”.

Biohacking is commonly called “do-it-yourself biology” since it can be done by the average person. Even the more experienced and adventurous biohackers are usually not scientists.

2. How is biohacking different from other self-improvement approaches?

One of its distinguishing factors is that biohacking often makes use of technology to collect data and measure results. This includes sleep and heart rate trackers, brainwave and mood monitors and various apps to stimulate body processes. However, this is not mandatory.

3. How does biohacking work?

Biohacking is a systems-based approach. The body is a system into which inputs like food, exercise and sleep are entered to achieve outputs such as weight loss, better mental performance or better sleep. This what the term biohacking refers to. You interrupt the body’s current functions by changing the inputs that cause them. You do the same with your surrounding environment to achieve an output that is more efficient and beneficial.

4. Who invented biohacking?

There is no specific name associated with the invention of biohacking. It became known and practised within the Silicon Valley programming community around 2000 and spread from there.

David Asprey is considered the guru of biohacking. Thousands of biohackers follow his Bulletproof diet and drink his Bulletproof coffee, a breakfast drink that optimises daily performance.

5. Is biohacking safe?

Biohacking is safe for any beginner – as long as you don’t experiment on yourself. Some overzealous biohackers, however, take things to more extreme levels. They insert magnetic implants and other devices into their bodies to enhance the senses. They may also inject themselves with certain substances that change the body’s inner biology.

It should be noted that these people usually have some sort of scientific background. These methods are not recommended for beginners or amateurs.

There is controversy about whether biohacking is ethical but this applies to the individuals and DIY laboratories experimenting with more extreme methods. There are concerns that these methods may lead to creation if harmful toxins or carcinogens – whether intentionally or unintentionally.

This is a totally legitimate concern since the field of biohacking is not regulated or monitored. Otherwise, biohacking is totally safe if you stick to natural methods. 

6. Why is biohacking thought to be revolutionary?

Biohacking can change the future of how we manage and maintain our bodies. Proponents claim that biohacking may hold the key to the treatment of mental health issues and addiction. It may also have the potential to cure a variety of physical diseases.

Biohacking is still a relatively new science, however and much more research is still needed.

7. Who can benefit from biohacking?

People who can benefit most from biohacking are those who have basic lifestyle issues. These include insomnia, stress, diet and weight issues, as well as food problems like binge eating.

Biohacking can also help with mental issues such as lack of focus, concentration and lack of self-confidence. Biohacking can also help alleviate stress and depression and increase longevity.

Biohacking can help anyone who simple feels unhealthy on some level and wants to make a positive change.

8. How do I become a biohacker?

There are dozens of articles that contain easy Biohacks for various problem areas. There are also a couple of helpful biohacking guides for beginners that will guide you through the required steps.

Are you are looking for a new method to improve a specific area of your life? Perhaps biohacking can help. It is totally safe, simple and most of the techniques are cost-free. You are now armed with the facts to help you consider whether biohacking is worth a try.

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