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Okay, so my new website is up and running, been so for a few days now, all about Biohacking, an interesting topic for myself. The question I’d asked myself was “what am I into right now?” The answer I gave myself wasn’t exactly biohacking, but it was along those lines.

It was “I’m into health and fitness”, when I drilled down on it further I was thinking, I am moving towards wanting to live a more optimal lifestyle for my mind and body.

Which in essence is where biohacking comes into play, a way to tweak or ‘hack’ my behaviours and actions to obtain a stronger, healthier body and a clearer, more focused mindset.

Though why am I actually creating a website full of content about optimal living, I could just immerse myself in the material, learn it, apply it, and get on with my life.

Well, I’ve heard that one of the best ways to remember what you are learning is to learn it as if you are going to teach it. This is because, if you do teach it you get to learn it twice, I’ll see if that’s true in the coming weeks, months and years….

So that’s why I am making this website, just for another way for the biohacking techniques to stick in my mind, the end…. Until the sequel chapters come along with more insights.

Is biohacking that interesting

For this we have to go back. Back where? Back to the future. Because the future holds where I want to be, not what I was. To where all the benefits of living that optimal lifestyle is.

I mean who wouldn’t want to live as the best version of themselves. To have a higher degree of cognitive abilities – a sharper mind with a higher attention span and functional memory.

Or for their physical body to have greater functionality – a stronger and more agile human anatomy adapted for enhanced performance.

Combining these two augmented features of the human physique and human consciousness one would expect to gain a boosted quality in their overall lifestyle. So this is what I am looking to achieve here – become more productive in all areas of my life and increase my life expectancy capacity for a life of longevity.

3D medical background with a male figure with brain and DNA strands

The outcomes to achieve

  • Pain-free joints
  • Greater flexibility and movement
  • Stronger robust muscles
  • Healthier immune system
  • Better clarity and creativity
  • Greater focus and awareness
  • Improved intelligence
  • Enhanced thinking and memory

How do I see my life in this future, what I can I actually expect from all of this? I can see instances where I can run a little faster, play football at a higher intensity and have less pain within my joints. Where my brain functions a little better, less mental fog, a little more clarity and attention. Occasions where my depression and anxiety have become a little less intense.

I can see this within my future because I have already experienced these glimpses in my life. When putting into practice some of the self-improvement techniques, my life has got better.

But I don’t know the future. And I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. A world where anything is possible.

Hacking my biology to get there

So not only do I want to learn how to improve my overall body, I also want to genuinely take action and progress with these improvements. Through my endeavour of better living through science, I have the facilities to document my knowledge, discoveries and experiences.

Through this all I could keep my analysis to myself and not disclose my exploration into biohacking for a better life, but where’s the fun in that. I like the pay it forward movement, if I can help others on their journey, all the better.

Now there are many paths and actions I can take down this road of improving myself for an optimal living experience. And things will definitely change over time as I get deeper involved, acquire more knowledge and discover new approaches. But first I need a starting point.

human biosystem and DNA structure

What strategies I will put into place

  • Regular exercise routine
  • Stretching/yoga habit
  • Daily meditation practice
  • The Wim Hof method
  • Designed Healthy diet
  • Alternative healing system
  • Constant learning plan
  • Finding new ways to improve
  • Consistent sleep pattern
  • And tracking my process

This is my starting intention, it is not going to be perfect at first, I will need time to build up the process as I progress along my adventure. Will that move me into more extreme areas and techniques, we will see. Though, I am looking forward to discovering what new encounters I can experience in my practice

A life of mediocrity

We know the what – it is for better performance. We know the how – the initial strategies in play. We know the when – it is right now and beyond. We know the who – myself and anyone looking to join. The final piece is the why – why am I going for a better life?

A bit about my journey to here, from being skinny and active to overweight and partially active, back to skinny and active. I guess when you’re young you don’t think about these things as much.

When you’re not really knowing how things affect your body and your life is going okay, you don’t know any better. You don’t take into consideration what you’re eating, how active you are or what it does to your anatomy.

It’s when you start experiencing the changes for the better and foresee the potentials it can bring, you start to take note. Sure it can be hard, especially in the beginning, I do revert to unhealthy eating from time to time and have setbacks. However, overall I am making progress in the long term.

I have recognised that my feelings and moods have improved with an alteration in diet and movement. That the aches and pains have reduced, now I want to improve more, to go further, harder, longer and stronger.

I don’t want that life of mediocrity anymore, I have experienced glimpses of a great life and it is where I prefer to be. It will be a tough journey, I will need to break out of my comfort zone quite a bit. The persistence will be worth it though.

Still, it is not enough to just do self-improvement, it is something greater, an upgrade of my entire lifestyle. A better version, the best version, the ultimate adaption of myself.

The side hustle

What other benefits can I attain from creating a website about biohacking, sure there is potential to make money on the side, to turn it into a business and to learn other skills along the way. Will any of that happen, it’s inevitable that I will acquire new talents throughout this.

The simple fact of testing and applying different strategies will bring about changes in the way I perceive things. The brain’s neuroplasticity guarantees this in response to new situations and changes to its environment.

So as I improve my overall physique and mental mind, my production and skill-sets increase. This in turn will have the effect of leading into greater life and business prospects.

Summarise – the overview version

  • Biohacking – a way to advance my body for optimal living through science.
  • Outcomes – improved my overall performance, in body and the mind.
  • Ambitions – for continual improvement towards that greater lifestyle.
  • Reasons – to get away from living an average mundane lifestyle.
  • Tactics – the various strategies to incorporate and some to avoid.
  • Website – for documenting results and informing others what is achievable.
  • Assets – the ability to learn new skills and to make more money.

All in all that is my conscious take on the matter at hand. Let me know you’re thoughts and aspirations on the world of biohacking….

By Johan

4 thought on “The Biohacker’s Blog”
  1. This is a very interesting way to approach self-improvement, or should I say, self-upgrading! I like the methodical, straightforward aspects of this approach. Seems like something that could work for me as well. A life of mediocrity is something that many people, including myself, are trying to transform into something more stimulating. Thank you for sharing your journey here. Looking forward to seeing your growth!

    1. Thanks for the interest Kris.

      I want to start out simple, not get overwhelmed and work my way up from there. To progress and continually challenge myself for further growth. It’ll be interesting to see how far this takes me.

  2. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

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